Joost is Happy: Discussing Feelings with Young Children

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When at the age of thirty I learned how to deal with my emotions for the first time my immediate reaction was: I should have known this when I was fifteen - this could have prevented of lot of personal misery". The truth is that I should have learned how to handle them much earlier in life. In "Joost is happy: talking with young kids about emotions" children are taught how they can handle their emotions effectively from an early age on. Kids react as follows: It was not so bad that Joost was in a fight because it made him look funny, says Meintje. When I feel something like a black circle in my tummy it means I am angry and I take it out, turn it round and it becomes a purple-pink circle. I make the pink go round and round. Then I put it back into my tummy and I feel all happy again ! The donkey-ears I liked best! At school when a kid is nasty to me I imagine her suddenly looking different, like a baby in a dirty diaper or so! And then I start laughing out loud.

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