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This is a self-replicating eBook. This means that the book is distributed as follows. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit

In this eBook you find the following NLP techniques:

  • A NLP technique to learn to control your emotions so you can feel good when you want to.
  • A NLP technique to learn to make good decisions so that you know in advance whether a decision will turn out good or bad
  • A NLP technique to learn to steer your life so you get the life you want.
  • A NLP technique to learn a simple language pattern that make your communication so much more powerful.
On there are many more free guides on how to make your life better. For instance on the topics of feeling good, NLP & Kids or discovering your own personality. With some regularity, I get emails like this:
"Hello Joost,
I wanted to thank you herewith, your NLP techniques work fantastic for me and in an instant, I see the logic of it and it is completely understood and I have these already passed these on to my clients ( I work therapeutic) it's amazing how quickly these techniques can in any case still work for me. Last week I solved a problem that has four years driven a wedge between me and my partner, further, I have had a darkness that I felt for years but did not really understand how to solve until now.
Sincerely, Iris. "
For me such a reaction as that of Iris is already reward enough.
That is why this eBook is published under a Creative Commons license. That means you may copy and distribute this eBook itself as long as you stick to the condition. Please do so. The conditions are that
A) The text as it is holding as it is
B) Joost van der Leij is listed as the author
There are no further conditions, yet I would appreciate it greatly if you sold this eBook for at least the amount of what you have paid for it. The reason is that I find the worth of the NLP techniques in this eBook more what you paid for it. But also because I like to compensate you for the trouble you took to copy and distribute this eBook. With the money you earn through it, you can do whatever you want, but if I may make a suggestion: give it to your favorite charity. In the same way 100% of the sales paid to me for this eBook go to an official registered European charity: the Neurosophia Foundation.

Full disclosure: the Neurosophia Foundation is a foundation that I have founded. The goal of the Neurosophia is to promote pragmatism in science and life. It currently supports the subjective Bayesian research that we do into the working of NLP (details can be found at The Dutch authority has deemed this foundation to be a officially recognized charity. As I said all 100% of sales I get are donated to the Neurosophia Foundation.

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