Teaching Excellence: the definite guide to NLP for teaching and learning

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Het nieuwste boek van Richard Bandler en Kate Benson over NLP voor kinderen en NLP in het onderwijs (in het Engels).

Geen omschrijving, want dit is een sneak preview. Je kan het voorwoord hier lezen:

Voorwoord Teaching Excellence boek

The uniqueness of this book is that it does what no other can do, in that it gets right to the heart of how learning works, thanks to the collaboration between two people who have a deep and abiding passion for exquisite learning; the Master and Co-creator of NLP, Richard Bandler, and the International Director of Education for the Society of NLP, Kate Benson. Richard Bandler has spent the last 45 years developing elegant processes to teach people to drive their own brains and think on purpose. Kate Benson has taught thousands of teachers to utilise NLP in teaching and learning to create happy and successful learners.

This book provides precise guidance to enable each and every teacher to teach effectively with learners of any age, within any context. Whether you are new to teaching and beginning your career, or are an experienced teacher, you can systematically improve your skills and abilities using the powerful technology of NLP.

In the field of Education, NLP furnishes the teacher with tools and skills to create paradigm shifts in every learner, every classroom, and every school and college. Our action-based research, published in the Durham and other project reports, demonstrates the stunning results that teachers can achieve utilising NLP in their classrooms. We have written this book to continue this revolution. As a teacher you can quickly and easily develop the learning strategies to raise achievement, increase motivation and ensure success for your students.

This book shows you how to design and teach strategies for learning, from memorising facts to magical maths, effective spelling, reading and creative writing and much more. To survive and thrive in this world, it’s true to say that learning to learn is an essential skill set and everyone can become a more effective learner and teach others to become great learners along the way.

It is designed to both inspire and provide a step-by-step approach to mastering the art and science of learning. By the end of this book you will have the secrets of how to captivate your students, structure learning to adapt to all learning preferences, and create exquisite learning effortlessly and easily. Our mission is to share with you an exciting set of tools that can transform the impact that you can make in the classroom.

This book shows you how to design and teach for learning, from memorising facts to magical mathematics, effective spelling, reading, creative writing, and so much more.
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