The Taotrainer

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[Nummer #11 in de top 20. Dit boek is de Engelse editie van de Tao van Joost en is toegespitst op wat de Tao betekent voor trainers en onderwijzers.]

Dutch philosopher Joost van der Leij, translated and adapted the Tao in away that reflects the original meaning and intent brilliantly and at the same time shows how this ancient wisdom can be used in the field of education. The Taotrainer is a book for teachers, trainers and administrators to help them rise above themselves and empower them to take action at a very early stage on or to not take any action at all! With the Tao at hand, every trainer or teacher functions at a significantly higher level. When you change the focus on your teaching methods to your students learning capacities as the Tao prescribes then you immediately improve the results in your class.

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