The thirty year plan as an healthy alternative to Dilts' logical levels

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This 7000 word eBook (little more than a quarter of a book) gives a critical analysis of Dilts' logical levels and presents the thirty year plan as a healthy alternative. Although the thirty year plan is a core NLP technique, it is less known and less popular than Dilts' logical levels. Nevertheless, ever since Dilts presented his logical levels it has received a lot of critique. The main thrust of this critical analysis is that in using Dilts' logical levels you take unnecessary risks, i.e. there is a significant probability that negative stuff follows on the use of Dilts' logical levels. More importantly these risks are unnecessary as there is a healthy alternative in the form of the thirty year plan.

In the eBook you get:

  • a clear explanation of Dilts' logical levels and the specific risks that each level has;

  • a critical analysis of each of Dilts' logical levels and how each level conflicts with core NLP teachings;

  • a clear explanation and how to of the basic NLP technique called "The Thirty Year Plan";

  • how to do the thirty year plan technique yourself;

  • a clear explanation of how the thirty year plan is a healthy alternative to Dilts' logical levels in line with the core NLP teachings.

If you are a NLP professional or interested in the field of NLP then this eBook is for you. It is written in English. It has a PDF format. After ordering this eBook you can immediately download this eBook.

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